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  • August 12, 2019
  • Facts about Dry Eyes Disease

    One of the areas that has experienced tremendous growth in the recent past is technology. What is incredible about the growth of technology is experiences that it is gone ahead to affect very many other industries and sectors in life. In the medical world for example, today doctors are able to come up with solutions to illnesses and diseases that previously were nothing but a headache to them. Another example of an industry that has experienced positive impact as a result of technological growth is that the industries that are particularly concerned with the manufacture and production of tangible and physical goods. Over the same period of time, today, thanks to technology these companies are able to produce a higher number of units which makes them more profitable. Technology has also enabled them to realize some operational efficiencies that have led to the reduction of expenses significantly.

    Everything in life has both its pros and cons, including technology. An example of a drawback that has gained popularity due to the growth of technology is the dry eyes disease. The dry ice diseases majorly caused by lack of adequate amounts of liquids in the eyes, also known as tears. The dry eyes diseases majorly caused by people looking at their screens, either of their phones out of their computers, for prolonged period of time. This is one of the negative drawbacks of technological growth.

    If you experience a lot of pain in your eyes when you wake up in the morning, this can be a symptom of you being a victim of the dry eyes disease. Also, another symptom of the dry eyes disease is that you get to wake up early in the morning with eyes that are as red as tomatoes. Also, increased sensitivity to the wind and dust particles is another common symptom of the dry eyes disease. It is not unheard of for people to be sensitive to dust particles in the wind as it blows by them. However, people were suffering from the dry eyes disease tend to have an increased sensitivity to a point where whenever they wind blows by them, they become highly uncomfortable.

    The good news, however, is that these disease is highly treatable by doctors of specialized in the eye treatment. All you need to do is find a specialist who will be able to prescribe medication after they have carried out a diagnosis of your condition, or of the condition of a loved one.

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